EDK Gauge Probe Digital Electronics

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Type EDK 93

  • Four Channel
  • Linearity 0.01 %
  • Resolution 0.01 μm
  • Mass Data Store

EDK 93 is a compact, four channel, high accuracy measuring station that can be operated remote from any computer and power source with ability to store up to 6000 measured values. If operating away from a power source the optional internal battery pack will provide eight hours of continuous operation. Other options include a real time clock for use in data acquisition and storage. The digital display is a high efficiency LED 14mm, 5 ½ digit. When using a custom engineered program, an 8 digit alphanumeric display is available. EDK 93 has 6 output lines (3 on the standard model) and 3 input lines. Internal relays provide limit outputs both high and low while a further 15 levels of visual tolerance are displayed on the front panel. Transducers are matched to the system having conditioning and linearising components assembled in the DB9 connector providing a system linearity of 0.01% when using transducers up to +/-5mm range. Sampling of channels is carried out in pairs where each pair is simultaneously scanned. The System can operate directly with a computer or can perform tasks remotely storing data for later analysis if needed.

EDK Gauge Probe Digital Electronics 


Instrument TypeEDK 93
Number of ChannelsUp to 4 Digital Measuring Transducers
Compatible TransducersHalf Bridge, LVDT specially calibrated with linearising circuits in DB9 connector.
System LinearityBetter than 0.01% using calibrated probes
Digital Display5½ digit, 14 mm high efficiency HP-LED or 8 digit Alpha Numeric, 5 mm HPLED, 3 LED's as tolerance indicator, 5 x 5 red, green and yellow.
Resolution (in ñ1 mm)Sample Rate
15 Hz
25 Hz
50 Hz
100 Hz
0.01 um
0.01 um
0.02 um
0.05 um
KeyboardIntegrated flat keyboard with mechanical response. Option of external keyboard or individual push buttons (and foot switch).
Operating Program ModesStandard Program user programmable, up to 4 transducers. Special Program Library made to order and downloaded from PC.
Standard Input/OutputRS232C
Data Logger FunctionFunction Memory space for 6000 measure values (battery back-up). Data transfer via RS232 to computer.
Relay Outputs (tolerance)1 high, 1 low with up to 15 visual levels
Power supplyLow voltage adaptor in mains plug. Option of rechargeable battery for 8 hours duration. Option of Real Time Clock.
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