TCM Transducer Conditioning Module

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Transducer Conditioning Module

Type: TCM

The TCM is a universal transducer conditioning module designed for use with most LVDT and half bridge transducers from the small gauging probe to the very long stroke displacement transducers currently available from IMT or other manufacturers.

The module is configurable with onboard handbag links to enable coverage of a wide range of measurement applications. These links enable setting of sensitivity and energising frequency as well as off set zero which is fully 100% adjustable, also the selection of lvdt or half bridge is also by simple link placement. Most offset and gain settings are catered for without the need for additional components.

The output from the TCM is nominally +/-10 vdc (max +/-11 vdc) to correspond with the transducer stroke. When in 100% offset mode the output is then zero to 10vdc corresponding to a typical transducer range of, for example, 0 to10mm when using a transducer with a measurement stroke of +/-5mm. TCM is shown in the illustration as boxed but is also popular taken just as a PCB for many applications.

The PCB version being small in size and of low cost will be a very attractive option to the OEM manufacturer for inclusion in electronic equipment needing an inductive transducer front end, especially with the various options for power input that are available for this unit.



Conditioner TypeT.C.M
Transducer InputL.V.D.T and half bridge inductive
Input SensitivityTBA
Transducer Energising:
Frequency5, 10 and 13 kHz ±10% (selectable)
Amplitude2, 2.2 and 2.4 Vrms
Power Requirement:MinTyp?MaxUnits
Voltage Output:
  Zero Offset-100%0100%
Cable Lengths:
  Transducer to TCM:Max. 50 m with some loss of linearaity
  TCM output:
Distance from TCM output:Max. 250 m with suitable cable
PCB Dimensions88.5 x 43 mm
Case Size100 x 50 x 25 mm

TCM Transducer Sample Setup for LVDT

TCM Transducer Sample Setup for half bridge

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