NK – External interpolator

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The Interpolation and Digitizing electronics interpolates up to 10-fold and converts the sinusoidal scaning signals from photoelectric encoders to square-wave pulses with TTL levels.

Possible interpolation factor: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10.

Under the cover, the unit has a commutation switch that allows the Customer to change interpolation factor (see the attached data sheet).

Technical data

Mechanical data 
Input signals:
-Incremental signals
-Reference signals

7-16 mA
Output signalsTTL(RS422) compatable
Operating voltage5V
Max input frequency50kHz
Possible input connector / CableC9, D9, D15, ONC, RS10 / Cable, armoured cable
Possible output connector / CableC12, D9, D15, ONC, RS10 / Cable, armoured cable
Signal interpolation:

1 -fold
2 -fold
3 -fold
4 -fold
5 -fold
8 -fold
10 -fold
Encoder compatibility:A28, A36, A42M, A75M, A58, A58HE, A58HE1, A58HME, A102H, A90H, A110, A170, A170H, A200H, L18, L18B, L37, L50, MT, MK.

Flange socket