SC – Encoder couplings

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High quality encoder couplings 

To connect two shafts together for the transmission of motion encoder couplings are used. The coupling compensates geometrical misalignments and axial motion of connected shafts, enables the encoder work within specified accuracy and prevents excessive bearing load. We offer a range of high quality couplings for different uses.

 SC30                                                       SC70


 SC98-1                                                   SC98-2


Technical data

Coupling modelSC30SC70SC98-1SC98-2
Kinematic accuracy (with parallel offset ≤ 0.05 mm and angular misalignment ≤ 0.09°)±10 arc sec±2 arc sec±0.5 arc sec±1 arc sec
Torsional rigidity150 Nm/rad4000 Nm/rad6000 Nm/rad4000 Nm/rad
Permissible torque0.1 Nm0.5 Nm1 Nm1 Nm
Moment of inertia (approx.)3x10-6 kgm²2x10-4 kgm²2x10-4 kgm²1.7x10-4 kgm²
Permissible radial misalignment< 0.2 mm< 0.3 mm< 0.3 mm< 0.3 mm
Permissible angular error< 1°< 0.5°< 1°< 2°
Permissible axial misalignment< 0.2 mm< 0.2 mm< 0.2 mm< 0.2 mm
Permissible shaft speed16000 rpm3000 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm
Weight0.027 kg0.22 kg0.25 kg0.21 kg
Encoder compatibilityA28, A36, AK36, AM, AK50, A58, AK58, AP58 A110A170A170
Please see the attached data sheet for more information