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Photoelectric Rotary Encoder

Photoelectric rotary encoder A102H contains 5.000 lines on disc in a standard version, but other modifications are possible on request. This wide diameter encoder has the biggest shaft available on our rotary encoders product range.


Technical data

Mechanical Data 
Line number on disc (z)5000 (others optionally)
Number of output pulses per revolution for A102H-FZ x k, where k=1,2,3,4,5,8,10, 20, 25, 50, 100 and others (k - interpolation factor)
Maximum shaft speed8000 rpm
Permissible motion of shaft: - axial
- radial (at shaft end)

±1.0 mm
0.02 mm
Accuracy (T1-period of lines on disc in arc. sec)±0.5T1 arc. Sec
Starting torque at 20°C≤ 0.01 Nm
Rotor moment of inertia< 20x10-4 kgm2
Protection (housing) ( IEC 529)IP64
Maximum weight without cable0.8 kg
Operating temperature-20...+70 °C
Storage temperature-30...+85 °C
Maximum humidity (non-condensing)98%
Permissible vibration (55 to 2000 Hz)≤ 100 m/s²
Permissible shock (5 ms)≤ 300 m/s²
For other data, please see the attached data sheet