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IBR ComGage Software

ComGage is a software for metrology and statistical process control on manufacturing sites. The software is suitable for simple displaying of measured values up to complex measuring applications with control sequences, as well as for testing of components with several characteristics in small and large series. Additionally the software provides information for statistical process control by means of the statistical functions included.


  • Simple and easy handling – Low cost and modular
  • Universally usable for simple hand gauge stations, multi gauging fix- tures and automatic measuring sequences
  • Data collection from gauges, interfaces and by keyboard
  • Universal mixing of measuring inputs as well as measuring programmes for run-out, roundness, flatness, coaxiality, …
  • Graphical surface for creating the display windows
  • Simple measuring sequence control – Online SPC – elements
  • Control of digital outputs and reading of digital inputs
  • Collection of reference information
  • Printing of test reports and measured values in table form
  • Converter for MS-Excel and QS-Stat – For Windows 95…Win 7 and CE – European and Asiatic languages

IBR ComGage Software

Technical data

ComGage Professional
Basic settings :
Selection and configuration of connected instruments
Language ( Ger, Eng, Fre, Span, Chines, Japan, ... )
Data directories
Schemes for display elements
Reference information e.g. operator, events User setup-
Automatic start and conversion -
Test scheme :
Number of characteristics20128
Number of test steps20128
Free definition of gauges, support of arithmetical and trigometrical functions
Static and dynamic measuring modes (e.g. run-out, roundness, …)
Automatic zero adjustment of gauges
Calibration of gauges with two masters (air-gauging)
Master calibration and reference test-
Graphical creation of display windows and simultaneous display of several characteristics in one window
Different measuring displays ( numeric displays, column displays and indicator displays )
Statistical trend and analysis displays ( histograms, run charts and statistical data )
Implementation of pictures, drawings, text and line elements in display windows
Extended statistical functions, like control charts and event request-
Control by function keys, foot switches and digital inputs
Simple control of digital outputs
Extended control functions, e.g. printing during measurements, ...-
Control by formula editor with e.g. timers, etc.-
Parallel starting of 10 test schemes-
Expansion by customized control functions ( sending correction data to CNC- machines, eMails, barcodes, ... ) -
Further processing of measured values :
Printing of measured values in table form
Printing of test reports
Excel Converter
QS-Stat Converter -
Additional functions :
Complete control by keyboard
Windows 95...Win 7 and CE
Modular structure-
Order dependent storaging of values-


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