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Bore Gauge measuring transducer with ± 0.2 mm measuring stroke

Miniature Measuring Transducer dimensions 7x7x32 mm with 73.75 mV/Vmm sensitivity and ± 0.2 mm measuring stroke


Technical data

Total stroke0.6 mm
Measuring stroke (symmetrical)±0.20 mm
Temperature Range-10 to +65°C, storage and operation
Screw MountingM2.5
Mounting Positionany
Tip3 mm tungsten carbide ball, M2.5 fixing thread, exchangeable
Sleeve and SealingFPM
Plug5 pin, 240°
CablePUR shielded, Length 2m
Cable informationOuter -Θ2.0, drag chain compatible
Spring rate1.0 N
Spring rate informationAt electrical zero, tolerance ±30%
Linearity error1.0% FS ±200 μm range (at 20°C ± 1°C)
Sensitivity73.75 mV/Vmm)
Amplifier input load2kOhm Input resistance, ± 0.1%
Drive frequency13.0 kHz ±5%
Supply voltage3.0V ±0.5% RMS
Coil schemeHalfbridge, TESA‰® compatable
Dimensions7x7x32 mm
For more details, see the attached data sheet