Wireless Bore Gauge

The WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge offers increased efficiency, flexibility and uncompromised accuracy in the palm of your hand. By eliminating the need for cables to download the measurement data, the WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge offers manufacturers greater freedom in workstation design and practice. 

This Bluetooth™ Wireless Bore Gauge has a range of at least 15 metres for data transmission and up to 7 WiGauge™ wireless bore gauges can be linked to a single system. 

The rugged, high precision WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge from Solartron Metrology is IP65 rated and is compatible with industry standard M6 and M10 gauge head threads. The transducer is linear along its full measuring range, making it easy to set up and adaptable for applications other than bore gauging.

The attached NiMH battery pack delivers up to 10 hours of continuous data transmission and can be removed for offline recharging.

  • 10mm and 6mm fixing threads (as used on most Gauge Heads) 
  • Up to 0.1µm resolution (user selectable) 
  • Up to 15m range, via Class One Bluetooth® 
  • Up to 7 WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauges connected to a single receiver 
  • 10 hours battery life (based on continuous data transmission) 
  • Fast battery recharge 
  • IP 65 protection 
  • Audio indication of data transmission 
  • Pass/fail range lights 
  • Inductive Charger available


Technical data

Wireless Hand tool Gen 1 and Gen 2 with LCD Display Spring actuated internal 10mm ProbeWHT/10/S
WTH Performance
Measurement RangeDepends on Head Fitted
AccuracyDepends on Head Fitted
RepeatabilityDepends on Head Fitted
ResolutionDepends on Head Fitted
Internal Probe Measurement Performance
Accuracy (% of Reading) (Note 1)0.06
Repeatability (typical) pm (Note 2)0.07
Resolution (µm)0.05
Internal Probe Mechanical Interface
Pre Travel (mm)0.15
Post Travel (mm)0.85
Electronics Interface
BluetoothClass1: Range 15m
Reading RateUp to 67 readings per second
SealingIP 65 (Excluding head interface)
Storage Temperature (°C)-20 to +70
Operating Temperature (°C)5 to 60
EMC EmissionsEN61000-6-3 and EN61326
EMC ImmunityEN61000-6-2 and EN61326
PowerRechargeable Battery Pack (10 hours continual operation)
BodyABS and Nylon
InternalStainless Steel
Display (Gen 2 Only)
TypeColour LCD
ProtectionAcrylic Sealed Cover
Auto Power Down (Programmable)Depends on Head Fitted
Measurement Types (Programmable)Normal (Current Measurement)
Difference (Max-Min)
Measurement Modes (Programmable)Absolute, Zero, (Tare) or Preset
Tagged Measurements (Programmable)Measurement sent to computer is tagged when control button pressed
Display (Gen 2 Only)
TypeColour LCD
ProtectionAcrylic Sealed Cover
ConfigurationDigital and Analouge Representation
Data (see Display image)Current Live and Mode Reading
Limits and WarningsRed - Out of Limit
OtherBluetooth and Battery Status
Controls and LED Indication
Controls2 Buttons on hand tool body with cautious functionsÊ
LED Indication BluetoothFlashing Blue LED indicates connection
LED Battery IndicationRed Flashing - Warning
Red Continual - Battery requires charging
LED LimitsGreen - Measurement in Limit
Red - Measurement Out of Limit
Note 1: Accuracy 0.1µm or % reading whichever greater
Note 2: Obtained by repeated operation against a carbide target standard devotion from average (68%)