IDT Inductive Transducer

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Displacement Transducers

Type IDT/05 – 550 (LVDT)

  • Precision Manufactured
  • Heavy Industrial Use
  • Ranges +/-0.5 to +/-550 mm
  • Various Options Available

The IDT range of inductive displacement transducer has been designed especially for applications in medium to heavy industry. 

IDT Inductive Transducer

This range of transducer is manufactured from stainless steel and includes as standard environmental protection to IP65 with the option of IP68 being available. Various options are offered such as extension rod wiper, this is most useful where there is a danger of material entering the internal bore of the transducer and eventually interfering with the smooth running of the core within the transducer. Applications within paper machines usually have this option to scrape off pulp and other residue that may become attached to the extension rod. Other options are: DC/DC, spring-loaded core and extension, armoured cable, rod end bearings for mounting purposes. Cable is standard PVC but PTFE can be specified and is needed in the higher temperature versions up to 200°C. When rod end bearings are fitted the cable exits from the side of the transducer but without bearings the cable can exit from the rear if required. IMT are able to offer a certain amount of custom design to these products.


IDT Inductive Transducer Specification


Technical data

IMT IDT Series (M8) 
Input Voltage5Vrms @ 3kHz (others available)
SensitivityDepends on stroke
50mV/V/fro to 460mv/v/fro
Non LinearityBetter than 0.5%
RepeatabilityBetter than 0.1%
Frequency Response3db @ 180 Hz
Operating Temperature-30°C to + 85°C - Option to +150°C
Further option of + 200°C
Vibration Resistance20g up to 2kHz
Shock Resistance1000g for 10 milliseconds
Constructional MaterialStainless Steel
Protection ClassIP65 option IP68
Output CablePVC 4 core, PTFE as option
Option of 6 core cable
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