Hand / Workshop Tools – Callipers & Protractors

Our sliding calipers guarantee accuracy of measurement due to the meticulous care paid to parallelism, flatness of the measuring surface and regularity of the measuring scale graduation. Robust construction and smoothness of movement create a reliable instrument that is used as much in the measuring room as in the workshop. 

Choice of materials and treatments

Our calipers are made from top quality martensitic stainless steel for its excellent hardening characteristics with its resistance to wear and oxidation. The measuring jaws and body are hardened to 50-55 HRC, and material stability is guaranteed by artificial ageing after hardening to eliminate internal tensions. 

Notes on construction

Laser technology gives deep and fine devision markings suited to the hard work the instrument is designed for. All of our partners measuring beams are treated with a coating of non-reflective, hard sitting-chrome. They sit slightly lower then the vernier guide surfaces and are protected by two shoulders. Devisions are etched after chroming to guarantee permanency. 


Every instrument is individually tested to the strictest limits by our supplier. It then receives a test docket stating the serial number and reference standard. The instruments individual test certificate is available on request.