Transducers – Displacement

Whilst there are several ways to measure displacement, the Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) remains a popular transducer in most industrial applications. LVDTs initially were used as a means of taking dimensional readings in laboratories. They gained popularity in a wide variety of industrial monitoring and control applications, and whilst an LVDT is used to measure displacement the technology can be employed within other transducer types.

Our LVDTs are made from stainless steel and can be sealed to most IP levels, including IP68. The rugged construction and simple principle of operation, results in high reliability and accuracy.

Our LVDT Displacement Transducers at a glance

  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh environments
  • Measurement ranges from ±0.25mm to ±550mm
  • Efficient and accurate non-contact displacement measurement
  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Zero mechanical friction models available
  • Industrial, low cost and compact versions available
  • High precision – non-linearity <±0.5% and repeatability <0.1%
  • Four output signal options – unconditioned AC, unconditioned DC (voltage), conditioned DC (voltage) or conditioned DC (current)
  • Fully customisable design service for non-standard applications

Typical applications:

  • Servo-hydraulic systems
  • Automotive engine management
  • Machine engine management
  • Structural movement monitoring
  • Test rigs
  • Level monitoring
  • As well as many other engineering and laboratory applications

Which LVDT displacement transducer is right for you?

Industrial Series

  • Highest level of protection for severe factory and processing environments
  • Typical applications include: Paper mills, Process plants, Industrial test rigs

Economy Series

  • Used in less demanding environments where cost is more important
  • Typical applications include: Mechanical testing machines, Automotive research,
  • Actuator position monitoring

Miniture series

  • Used in demanding environments where space is at a premium
  • Typical applications include: Materials testing, Automotive & Aerospace test rigs and actuators, Load cells, Pressure transducers, Weighing systems, Closed loop control applications