Welcome to IMT – Innovative Measurement Technology Ltd.

IMT Ltd is a well-known manufacturer and distributer of high accuracy gauging transducers. Individually we have over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of this type of product. IMT Ltd enjoys the confidence of many companies within the metrology industry, now known as reliable suppliers of precision engineered measurement products and gaining new customers every day.

Our gauging products cover a wide range of transducers to very sophisticated conditioning electronics which includes a modern Digital alternative to conventional Analogue LVDT based systems.

We also supply high quality British made Inductive Displacement Transducers and Optical Encoders for both rotary and linear applications, in absolute and incremental modes.

We can offer complete custom measurement solutions and we have access to other fields of engineering and magnetics.

PCB Layout and design

  • Custom circuit design and layout from a simple idea to a fully functioning device.
  • From a working prototype, to a production ready design.
  • Need help with the design give us a call?
  • We can also provide low cost prototypes to enable new designs to be tested.


  • Full PCB layout service.
  • Offshore connections for price critical projects.
  • Latest design tools available.
  • Mechanical engineering service also available.

Sensor design and fabrication

We can design and build custom electromagnetic and magnetic sensors for non-destructive evaluation, process monitoring or sensing application. We have many years of experience modelling, designing, building, testing and characterizing a wide array of sensors for many different applications. From simple eddy current coils to complex magnetic field sensor arrays, we have the capabilities to solve your inspection or measurement problems.

Whatever you want just tell us and we will tell you how!