Welcome to IMT – Innovative Measurement Technology Ltd.

Innovative Measurement Technology Ltd is a family business and well known as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high accuracy and high-quality metrology products for a varied range of applications.

Individually we have over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of this type of product, that IMT Ltd enjoys the confidence of many customers within the Metrology industry and known to be a reliable and trusted supplier of precision engineered measurement products.

We supply a full range of precision Gauging Transducers, from analogue to digital, standard to pluggable and even miniature. We have Encoders to include rotary, linear, angle as well as a large range of machine shop tools, including height gauges, Vernier callipers, plug gauges and much more.

We also have a wide range electronics and accessories to complement our transducers and other products

Our products are used by our customers in a varied scope of applications, so we also have the capability to offer:

  • Custom sensor design and Fabrication
  • Custom circuit design and layout from a simple idea to a fully functioning device.
  • From prototype to a production ready design
  • Complete custom measurement solutions and access to other fields of engineering and magnetics.

Whatever you want just tell us and we will show you how!

Download the current Innovative Measurement Technology brochure here